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Once upon a time, the local Post Office offered a great service that allowed people and companies set up a mailing address different from their home or place of business. They provided increased privacy and security and proved to be quite handy. Lots of people used them. In fact so many that other companies got intot he business. Nowadays, you can find PO type boxes in many ship centers.
For years, the PO Box stayed the same. In recent years, the overall use of the mail has waned, but remains an integral part of business and life. With more to do and less time available we are constantly loooking for ways to make life (and mail) easier and more efficient.
drumroll, please.....
Enter the DIGITAL MAILBOX. The days of going to your box and finding nothing or just junk are gone. The days of scanning critical docments that come in the mail are gone. The days of having to toss out junk mail are gone. The days of shredding junk mail with your name and other private information are gone - WAIT you don't do that? You should. Maybe not - we can do that and much more for you with our Digital Mailbox System
Every day we gather all the mail that arrives for you (or your business) and scan the outside of each item. Additionally, we will note who delivered it, the type of packaging and enter the name of the sender. All of this information is organized in a clean format for you to view and decide the next steps. We can also sign for your FedEx, UPS or DHL deliveries as well. Like incoming mail, the label will be scanned for you to view. To make things even easier, at your option, we can email you when something arrives to save you from logging into your account for no reason.
When you arrive on the mail item list screen, you have several options on how to proceed.
1. We can scan the paperwork inside for you to view or download.
2. We can deliver it to anywhere in Milford or Orange.
3. We can forward it anywhere you would like.
4. We can shred and dispose of it.
5. You can pick it up at our location.
6. If it's been scanned, we can fax it to any US phone number or email it anywhere.
Can't decide what to do? No problem - we can hold your letters and packages for up to 2 weeks at no additional charge. After 2 weeks, the price for holding mail starts at just 3¢ a day. BTW, you can modify your account settings to have a warning email sent as the two weeks approaches.
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