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  Polaroid CDR80 Lightscribe Printable Spindle

Polaroid CDR80 Lightscribe Printable Spindle
*Actual product may differ slightly from photo
PDCDLS  Polaroid CDR80 Lightscribe Printable Spindle  Product is not available at this time. 

S P E C I F I C A T I O N S:

Polaroid CDR80 Lightscribe Printable 52x Spin
Format: CD-R
Capacity: 80 minutes / 700mb
Write Speed: 1x - 52x
Packaging: Shrink wrapped in cakeboxes of 25
Top Surface: Lightscribe Printable
Printable? YES - using lightscribe technology only
Hub Printable? NO

Polaroid CD-R80 700mb (1-52X recording/burn speed) CDR's are unrivaled in quality and performance. Lightscribe direct disc labeling technology inscribes labels directly onto the top of your CDR disc with fine tuned laser accuracy in the same disc drive that burns your data. Polaroid Lightscribe CDR's are perfect for imprinting text and graphics onto your media with compatible lightscribe computer disc drives. These Polaroid CD-R80 lightscribe discs are ideal for recording all of your favorite music, video, data & photos. Music: Ideal for storing and sharing your music regardless of format (mp3, wma, aac, audio etc.) Video: Excellent for storing, sharing and backing up all of your video files. Photos: Great for sharing and backing up your photo library. Data: Perfect for archiving all types of data files. These Polaroid CD-R80 lightscribe discs are covered by the Polaroid lifetime warranty.

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