Placing an Order
We have attempted to make your experience at American-Digital as simple and straight forward as possible. Our three ways of ordering make it possible for anyone to place an order at any time from anywhere.

Most orders received by 2:00pm eastern time (1:00pm on Fridays) will be processed that same day, assuming that all items are in stock and credit card approvals are verified. If not, we will make every attempt to inform you of your order status in a timely manner. Ground orders are processed and shipped in the order they are received. However, express and expedited orders are shipped the same day whenever possible. Please note that we are closed on weekends and many Federal Holidays.

On Line Orders
Orders must be place on our website. It is safe and secure. Credit card information is NOT stored in our database. Dig$'s (our frequent buyer program) may be earned and redeemed with on line orders only.

All you need to do is browse the items on our site and put the ones you want into your shopping cart. Once you have chosen everything you want to purchase, you will be directed to the secure section of our site where payment and shipping information is entered. This section is completely secure from the time you press *send* to the time it reaches our office in CT.

Phone Orders
Orders must be place on our website. However, if you would like to discuss a specific order, a friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is on hand during normal business hours to offer assistance.  For complete contact information, office hours and holiday schedules please go here.

Payment Methods
We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express).

Paying with a Credit Card
This is, by far, the most common way our customers make purchases. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover). If you are placing on order on line please be assured that all of your credit card information will go through a secure server. No one will have access to this information from the time you send your order to the time it arrives at our office in CT. Furthermore, your payment information is NOT stored on our servers.

Part of our credit card approval involves an address and name verification process. Our credit card processor requires that we ship ONLY to the exact billing address of the credit card. Some customers prefer that orders be shipped to an alternate address. Others have their cards billed to a PO box which cannot accept UPS deliveries. Please refer to the alternate address section on this page for information on placing such orders.

We are unable to accept credit cards billed to addresses outside the United States or cards whose issuing bank is not located in the US.  Please refer to our overseas orders section. We will contact you if your card does not approve or the name and address do not verify. Please be absolutely certain that the name and address match exactly because it will cause your order to be delayed.

Credit Card Chargebacks
We all have had the experience of seeing a charge on our credit cards statement that we have no idea how it got there.  Fortunately, most of the time a quick call to the number of the merchant will jar ones memory.  However, there are those cases when we really don't recognize the charge and have to call our credit provider to dispute the charge.  When a customer (you) makes such a dispute it becomes known as a chargeback to the merchant (us).

We do our best to minimize chargebacks by following all the procedures, being 100% compliant and having a visible and functioning phone number on the statement.  When there is a chargeback we might be subjected to fees.  This also may involve research, time contacting the customer and providing all the required information properly.

Therefore, given the cost of a chargeback we must pass these charges onto the customer.  The rate is $29 plus $30 per hour in any time spent in resolving the issue.

Paying with a Check or Money Order
You can place a check or money order either on line or over the phone. When ordering on line just select "Check or Money Order" when you are asked to select payment on the second personal information screen. If you are ordering by phone we will give you a total and an order number. If you are ordering on line this information will be displayed for you and may also be accessed later. We'll also send you two confirming emails. The first will come soon after you submit your order. The second will arrive sometime during the next business day.

It can take up to 10 business days from the time we receive payment for it to clear with our bank. US Post Office money orders are the fastest. Personal checks are the slowest. If you want to get payment out right away (without waiting for the second confirmation email) simply write the check or money order for the total and your invoice number in the comments section. Payment can be sent directly to our office:
135 Clarence St, Ste 204
Bridgeport, CT 06608

Please make sure your full name and address are on the inside and outside of the envelope as well as on the check or money order. It is also very important that you include your invoice (or order) number on the inside. There is no need to print out or write your order. The invoice number will be sufficient. All payments must be in US funds. Please allow enough time for your payment to reach us. Remember, we are in CT. Therefore, if you live on the west coast it may take several days for it to reach us. After we receive the payment allow up to 10 business days for it to clear from the time we receive it. We will then promptly send out your order. Certified checks and some money orders may decrease the amount of time we need to wait before releasing any orders. You can log onto your account and check your order status anytime. It is also important to mention that we must pass on a $20 fee for any returned checks charged to us by our bank.

Initially, your order status will say "Waiting For Payment." After we receive your check or money order the status will change to "On Hold." It will stay there until the payment clears with our bank. Once it clears it will then go to "Approved" and then later to "Shipped."

Shipping & Handling
Please refer to our formal Shipping Information Page for details. Currently, we use FedEx for most of our shipments.

Ground or Express?
The majority of our domestic customers choose FedEx Ground. It is the most cost-effective and reliable way to have orders sent. In most cases, however, it will take longer to get to its destination than 2 day or overnight services. Ground may take up to seven business days (longer during the holidays) for ground.

FedEx will not ship to PO boxes under any circumstance. Please make sure you provide us with a regular street address when choosing UPS. If you are making the purchase with a credit card that bills to a PO box please refer to our alternate address section on this page for detailed information.

Receiving Your Order
We go to great lengths to ensure that your order is packed with care and accuracy. Each package is double checked and all products go out in perfect condition. We even go as far as to double boxing our jewel cases. However, between the time it leaves here and arrives in your home or office damage can occur. Please refer to the two links below on how to handle those rare instances when there are problems in shipping:

Package Arrives Damaged
In the event the outside of the package appears to have damage from shipping.

Package Contents Are Damaged
In the event that items inside the box appear to have damage.

Equipment Purchases
BEFORE opening your new product, please read the following instructions:

Please make a note of your invoice number and serial number and keep it in a safe place. Never discard or deface manufacturer supplied items, especially during the warranty period. These items are necessary for the safe transport and operation of your unit and are required by us in the event of a return authorization. Such items include the original manufactory carton, any and all Styrofoam, cardboard or plastic materials, accessory items, manuals and warranty information and/or registration cards. It is critical to follow these guidelines. In the event that the product need be returned to us additional restocking fees may be applied.

If you feel that you received a damaged or defective piece of equipment due to shipping please contact the courier:

FedEx Toll Free: 800-GO-FEDEX (800-463-3339)
UPS Toll Free: 800-PICK-UPS (800-742-5877)

Alternate Ship to Addresses
Part of our credit card approval process involves name and address verification. Our credit card processor requires that we ship to the exact name and address that appears on the credit card being used. This can cause problems and inconveniences in certain situations. Some people have their cards billed to a PO box which UPS cannot deliver to. Others may be away at school or just find it more convenient and safer to have the order sent to work. If you find yourself in one of the above situations please follow the below procedures.

What You Need to Do
After you determine that your ship to address is different than the address your credit card bills to, the first thing you need to do is contact your credit card company. The customer service number is normally found on the back of your card. When you get a representative on the phone simply explain to them that you would like to authorize American-Digital to ship a pending order to a different address than the one they have on file. Once they agree, give them the exact address you will give it to us. Ask them to make a note of this somewhere on your account. After that is complete, make sure that you provide us with the customer service phone number. If you are ordering on line you can put this number in the comments section of our order form.

What We Need to Do
When we receive a credit card order with differing names and/or addresses we must manually verify that the credit card being used is aware of these changes. We will call the credit card being used with the phone number provided by the customer and verify that a notation has been made on the account of the new or different name and address. If this information does not verify exactly the order will not be sent out. We will then contact you and inform you of the situation and offer to take another card or another form of payment.

Other Factors
This is normally a very smooth process, but there can be problems occasionally. Some credit card companies have been less than cooperative in making such notations on the accounts. These are few and far between as more companies are realizing that security is a real issue and are making provisions for their customers. In cases like this the best thing to do is use another card.

There are also some busy times when there might be a very long wait to get a customer service representative on the phone at the credit card company. A little patience (from both you and us) will go a long way. In some cases it may lead to a slight delay in shipping your order.

If you have orders shipped to an address other than your billing address, it is advisable that you register all alternate addresses with your credit card company. Simply call the telephone number for customer service on the back of your credit card, and provide the alternate address.  Be sure to mention that the address is for shipping purposes only. Registering the shipping address can help expedite the processing of your orders in the future.

Overseas Orders
We now accept orders from most parts of the world. We utilize a third party company (Bongo International - now owned by FedEx) to handle both payments and forwarding of the order to your location

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