At American-Digital we go to great lengths to protect your privacy and make sure every transaction is secure.  This page outlines the steps we take to ensure that the information you trust us with remains safe.  Periodically, we will update parts of this page.  Should any significant change(s) take place, you will be notified by email.  This page was last updated 7/19/2017.

Information will not be leased, bartered or rented (or ever will be) to any third party.   Should we elect to sell all or a portion of our business, we will provide a minimum of 14 days notice to our customers and allow them to opt out of having their information being transferred to the successor.  We value the fact that you have entrusted us with this and will not betray this trust.  We do keep and store, in a secure database, the following information: your name, address (both billing and ship to), email, user name/password combination, last 4 digits of the most recent credit/debit card used, IP address, OS and browser used, contact phone number(s) and order history.  The password is further encrypted and will only display "hashes" on the user (front) end and on our side (back end).

Your billing address is used solely for the purpose of the address verification process required by our credit card processor.  Your ship to address is used for the purpose sending merchandise ordered.  Your email address is used for confirmations and correspondence directly related to an order, notification of significant changes to our privacy and security policies and information in regards to our products and services.  Your phone number is used only for correspondence directly related to an order.  When used, we will not initiate text messages to your phone number.  It will be voice calls only that we may elect to leave a voicemail message if the opportunity is provided.  Your user email/password combination is for the use of our customers to easily access order history, place orders and make changes to their account.  The last 4 digits of the credit card is used by us as point of reference in the event we need to provide a customer a credit, void a charge or to provide accurate information to a customer should they inquire as to what card was used for a particular order.  The IP address is used to help us determine the authenticity of an order.  Operating system and browser information is collected for the purpose of troubleshooting in the event of site errors and for testing purposes.  Again, none of the above information is ever sold, rented or otherwise used other than for providing the best possible user experience for our valued customers.

Your name and physical address will be provided to the company utilized to deliver your order(s).  Since April of 2013, our primary shipper has been FedEx.  However, in some cases, the US Mail, UPS, common courier or other delivery method may be utilized.  Your name and ship to address may also be provided to a manufacturer or fulfillment center in the event these companies are used to send out an order (or portions thereof). In all cases that a third party is used to fill and deliver an order we make sure that their policies forbid any use of the information we provide them about you beyond the scope of filling that given order.

We will use your email address to send confirmations of receiving an order and after it is sent to provide tracking information.  Furthermore, it may be used as a means of contact in the event of a backorder of one or more of the parts of an order, if the shipper is having any difficulty completing a delivery or any other reason that is directly related to an order placed with us.  It will also be used to reply directly to an email you send to us.  We may have offers and specials that are shared on an occasional basis.  You can easily remove (as well as add) your email at any time.  Should we determine that there have been changes to our privacy and security policies (this page) we may use the email provided to inform you of this.  We may utilize third party companies to send bulk email.  These are reputable companies with privacy policies that meet or exceed our standards.  From 2006 until 11/22/2011 YourHost was used. We began using GetResponse 11/22/2011.  To view the privacy policies of the aforementioned companies, use the links provided in the previous two sentences.

Prior to 11/1/2011 we provided UPS with customer email addresses only for the purpose utilizing their online ereturn system in the event we needed provide a customer with a prepaid label for the return of products.  After 11/1/2011 we, instead, provided UPS with our own email address. We would then forward any correspondence to the customer to avoid providing their email directly to UPS. With FedEx, we will continue to provide one of our email addresses and then forward any return labels or other related information to our customers.

American-Digital possesses an SSL digital certificate from Geotrust., a leading third-party Certification Authority. Also known as Electronic Commerce Digital IDs, these digital certificates are similar to a business license or a driver's license to authenticate identity on the Internet. Digital ID's are then encrypted and used by companies involved in electronic commerce to ensure that they are communicating with a specific company or agency.

American-Digital is 100% PCI Compliant.  For details on what PCI compliancy is please view the link in the previous sentence.  We use Trustwave to test our site to be certain we are PCI compliant at all times. To confirm that we are in fact compliant at this time, go here to view our compliance certificate from Trustwave.

In addition to using the two aforementioned third party services we take security one extra step. After a transaction the is complete the credit card card is deleted from our system with the exception of the last 4 numbers of the card used.  We feel that it is not worth the risk to store this information.  The truth is that some of our leading financial institutions as well as some governments and universities have been compromised.  Since, it is not something we need to store to properly conduct business, we don't.  Our customers overwhelmingly agree with this practice and do not mind the extra steps on repeat orders.  We do continue to keep the last 4 digits in case someone wants to verify a charge or we need to provide a refund or credit.

Below are some additional steps we take with every transaction:

1. When entering your credit card we require that you also enter the 3 or 4 digit security code of the card being used in addition to account number and expiration date.

2. Part of our credit card approval process involves name and address verification. Should this information not completely match, the order may be processed.

3. In cases where the name and address do not match or when an alternate address is required for shipping we may elect to utilize the services of ISS to perform additional verification. In most cases this will simply involve using the customers last 4 digits of the social security number to show identity. This is done to protect our customers from unauthorized use of their cards. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes today.

4. We also log the IP address being used for each order. This is a unique address that everyone on the internet has while on line. A user can be traced based on this number and the time of the transaction. Should a fraudulent charged be attempted we will report this information directly to the Secret Service and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Links to other sites are provided throughout and These are primarily companies that provide supplemental product information or to selected partners and clients. American-Digital, LLC is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Sites.

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