Ridata/Ritek 6x DVD-RW Branded 5 Disc Mini-Pack

Ridata/Ritek 6x DVD-RW Branded 5 Disc Mini-Pack from Am-Dig
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Ridata/Ritek 6x DVD-RW Branded 5 Disc Mini-Pack
RD6XDVRW_MP  $2.99

Ridata/Ritek 6x DVD-RW Branded in Mini-Pack

GRADE DVD Recordable RW
TOP SURFACEBranded Silver
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MiniPacks are a great option for those looking for premium CD/DVD media without having to buy entire spindles of discs in 50 or 100 quantities. MiniPacks feature some of the highest quality media available. Each disc contained in a MiniPack includes a paper sleeve. MiniPacks also allow customers to try out a few discs before investing in larger quantities.

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The intent of the MiniPacks are to allow our customers a chance to try something new or if they need just a few of a certain type. With this in mind, we reserve the right to limit each customer to no more than ONE MiniPack per order. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

DVD-RW is a high capacity optical disc which is ideal for high volume data recording, archiving and playback. DVD-RW media are similar in functionality to DVD-R media, but allow users to rewrite data on the same disc. RIDATA DVD-RW ensures high durability and reliability for a variety of recording situations, making it a versatile storage solution.

Ridata DVD-RW uses an exclusive high quality Phase Change material in the recording layer that ensures reliable recording and playback. RIDATA DVD-R 6X media is certified for up to 6X DVD-RW recording speeds. Ideal for archival storage, duplication, network back-up, multimedia presentations and digital video/photography editing these DVD-R discs will prove useful for a wide array of projects

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