Quantum MR150-A01A: Cartridge RDX, 1.5TB

Quantum MR150-A01A: Cartridge RDX, 1.5TB  from Am-Dig
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At this time, we estimate that the Quantum MR150-A01A: Cartridge RDX, 1.5TB  will be out of stock until 11/1/2019. The approximate date of availability is 11/1/2019.
QTMMR150  Quantum MR150-A01A: Cartridge RDX, 1.5TB
Cartridge, RDX, 1.5TB
The Quantum RDX system is a fast, simple, reliable and affordable disk-based data protection system that satisfies the backup and archive needs of today's fast-paced businesses.
  • Backups complete in minutes. Quick access to data for fast restores.
  • Every backup appears as a full backup; no hunting through incrementals. To restore, simply pick a recovery date, then drag and drop files from Windows Explorer.
  • Ruggedized cartridges can withstand a one-meter drop to a hard surface without damage, and they have a 30-year archive shelf life in a normal office environment.
  • Cartridges can be used for months without filling up, thanks to data deduplication technology.
  • Supports Government level security with the highest level AES-256 bit
  • Flexible onsite/offsite data backup at hard drive speeds
  • Interchangeable, removable cartridges of various capacities
  • Windows backup software with data deduplication technology
  • 3-year rapid exchange warranty
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